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Give to the ministry of J & A, working with Film to reach the hearts of the Unreached

Thank you for your desire to invest in reaching Unreached People Groups through our ministry with Light in Action!

Due to the sensitive nature of our work in some countries in Asia/Africa, we cannot publish our name (J & A) or photo publicly.

I work in writing, producing and directing different film projects with the end goal of bringing people who otherwise might have little chance of hearing the Gospel to a place where they can hear the truth and connect with local believers. A supports me in my role and helps in text revision and photography while also raising a home and homeschooling one of our girls.

We are currently lacking $1470 in monthly support to meet our financial needs and goals (Updated Aug 22, 2022).

If you live and Canada and would like a deductible receipt*, please visit this password protected link to give via The Great Commission Foundation:

*The Great Commission deducts a 10% fee to cover admin costs and CRA compliance requirements. Gifts given via PayPal have a 3% fee for their service.
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