Mission, Vision and Values


produce. train. equip.

  • Produce audiovisual projects that are biblically coherent.

    High quality production and cinematography with stories that don't come into conflict with good theology.

  • Train people in audiovisual production and in ministry

    Develop film production workshops and promote ministry and bible training for artists and producers so that the church may be equipped to produce high quality films with good theologically coherent scripts.

  • Equip the Body of Christ Around the World

    Distribute films that equip the Church to reach the least reached.


Produce high quality films to reach Unreached People Groups

Light in Action has the vision producing original films (Short, Feature and Documentary) for audiences within the seven least-reached cultural affinity blocs in the world. We believe that these films, contextualized within the local cultures using stories, current or historic events and combined with beautiful cinematography with a script that connects with the local culture, can break through barriers that the culture might have in relation to the Gospel.

To this end, Light in Action develops production, ministry and distribution partnerships who have strong access  or presence within the target audience. Project funding is raised in Brazil, the USA and Canada.

Primary Audience

The cultural affinity blocs that are being targeted as primary audiences include:

Each cultural affinity bloc above share many values and customs even though they may englobe various countries. Our goal is to produce or co-produce at least one high quality film project for each of these cultural blocs, with a high level of distribution in the countries within the bloc.

Secondary/Parallel Audience
Films may be created with the possibility of speaking to two or more different cultural audiences through the use of stories that cross cultures. In this way, the films could be impactful not only in the unreached people group, but also in the western cultures. Producing films in two or more languages (in the spoken dialogue) has been proven very effective in connecting audiences in different cultures.


Urgency, Excellence, Faith

Urgency in fulfilling the Great Commission

Artistic excellence and cultural relevance in production.

Beliefs based on the Bible (see our Statement of Faith).