Get Involved

Are you interested in partnering with us in our vision? Looking to get involved? You must have questions in regard to how things work, what kind of people, partners and roles we need, and how we operate.

How Can I Get Involved?

Volunteers give of themselves to help Light in Action with a specific task or project (see below). We ask that all volunteers be Bible believing Christians who have a walk with the Lord.

  • Acting (more info)
  • Translating/Dubbing (more info)
  • Creative Arts & Media
  • Computer / IT
  • Other Skills (see below)

Get Involved with Light in Action

We are seeking strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations who can be a part of our vision by helping financially or through their services. This could include allowing us to use equipment, properties, locations; giving financially enabling us to achieve goals faster and with excellence, or providing services to help us in our goal of seeing our resources get produced and seen.
Get Involved with Light in Action

Interns partner with us for 1-2 years in a helping/learning role. Interns in addition to helping with their talents & gifts, will receive courses, training, and hands-on experience in ministry. Our goal for this program is to see interns get grounded in the Word of God, get exposed to the reality and need in global missions, and to get practical experience putting their faith and talents into action. Interns will be selected based on needs and availability of an area of responsibility.
Get Involved with Light in Action