The Imam and the Gun


Saad, a Middle Eastern pastor, takes on the mission of sharing Christ with Muslims. After a risky encounter, he is woken in the middle of the night with a pistol to his head.  In his country Christians face daily challenges and fear due to the fact that sharing their faith is expressly forbidden and can result in imprisonment or even death.  Forced at gunpoint out of his home by an Imam, Saad, realizes he has been discovered. He is escorted through the empty city streets as his captor takes him to his fate. Arriving at an abandoned building, he is sat face to face with a group of Muslim leaders from one of the most renowned mosques in the Middle East. They are known for exporting extremist ideas and some of the world’s most renowned terrorists. Aware of his imminent execution, Saad is startled when one of the Imams in the group reveals that they have all been having dreams about Jesus Christ. Their request: “Would you teach us the Bible?”



Thousands and thousands of Muslims around the world are having dreams about Jesus Christ. These dreams generally begin a journey to seek out the Truth of the Gospel through the Bible and the Church. Many Muslims are legitimately afraid to take action and talk to others about their dreams or Jesus Christ. This film has the goal of emboldening and encouraging Muslims to seek out the Truth of the Gospel and to let them know that they are not alone. God is revealing himself to


Phase: Fundraising (Give now)
Details: Based on a true story from the book Dreams and Visions
Audience: Middle East (Seekers afraid to find answers)
Language: Arabic (dubbed to Urdo, Turkish and Farsi) with English, Portuguese  and French Subtitles
Budget: 40,000 USD (including marketing)
Length: Short Film

Partnership with major broadcasters in Arabic secured. Partnership with large social network channels is secured. Partnership with several denominations working in the Middle East in development.
Uncharted Ministries (Tom Doyle).
Partnerships with several missions agencies and human rights organizations in development.
Arabic Film Festivals

These pictures reflect the movie’s visual style and include scouting photos of possible filming locations.

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