Film Production for the Unreached


To Reach Lives

Light in Action produces films with the goal of impacting lives in the least reached areas of the world. We believe that high quality film projects contextualized within the audiences culture can provoke a thirst to know the truth.

01. Audience

Define and understand the audience that needs to be reached. There may be a second audience in another culture (ie. Primary: Yemen, Secondary, Brazil).

02. Script/Story

High quality screenplays that connect with the heart of the audience, asking questions that challenge the worldview and create a thirst to know the truth.

03. Produce

Produce using high quality acting, directing and cinematography to impact the hearts and minds.

04. Distribute

Effective distribution through strategic partners, agencies and contacts working in the local culture who can connect with the audience personally.

Film Production


Light in Action develops partnerships with film professionals, investors and ministries to develop and produce the stories that will connect with the local culture.

Production Team

The Production Team is made up of film professionals and trained volunteers using their talents and gifts to impact the world.

Huge Need

42% of the World population has little to no access to the Gospel. High quality narrative films that engage these cultures with the Gospel truth are almost non-existent. 


What kind of film production?

The primary audiences for the film projects we work on are located within unreached people groups. These films, however, may also have secondary/ parallel audiences in regions already reached with the Gospel (such as the USA), where they could be used to generate interest in the people group or need, encourage or challenge the church and even raise funds for future projects.

The primary audience is not Christian, which means that the screenplays must be written in such a way as to connect with the hearts and minds of those who do not have a Christian worldview. This is accomplished through the production of pre-evangelistic films, with the goal of challenging predominante cultural mindsets and biases regarding Christ and or “Christians”. After watching a pre-evangelistic film, the audience should feel the need to know the truth regarding Christ, the Bible or the christian worldview and desire to seek answers. At this point, evangelistic films or resources (such as the Tetelestai series) could be used to teach the message of the Gospel so that the person might come to saving faith in Christ.

To develop screenplays that engage the cultures in the least-reached regions of the world, extensive cultural research  is done in partnerships with producers, agencies and contacts who work within the region. Documentary films within unreached areas can also be used in conjunction with short or feature films.


  • Unreached People Group

    A cultural group of people with less than 2% evangelical presence. Currently 42% of the world population is considered "Unreached".

  • Short, Medium or Feature Films

    Short films have 25 minutes or less runtime. Medium length films are less than 70 minutes. Feature films have a runtime of more than 70 minutes.

  • Pre-Evangelistic Film

    The goal of this type of film is to break down cultural barriers that a person might have before being open to the Gospel. The script has the goal of preparing the soil for the Gospel message.

  • Evangelistic Film

    A film that has the content and message of the gospel, with the goal of taking someone who is open or seeking, to faith in Jesus Christ. Tetelestai, produced by Light in Action, is an evangelistic series which will be available in all the languages where we distribute pre-evangelistic films.

  • Documentary

    Documentary Production may be used to understand the cultures and make connections in locations where future narrative film production may occur. Also, documentary films help raise awareness and funding to help reach the people group in question.

  • Primary Audience

    The unreached audience with less than 2% evangelical presence should be priority.

  • Secondary/Parallel Audience

    A secondary audience which could include cultures in the West such as the USA, Brazil or Europe. Having key elements in the screenplay that connect with secondary audiences could help them connect with the message of the film and help raise awareness and support for the projects or people groups in which the primary audience resides. Also this may open doors for film festivals and movie theaters for a greater reach and possible financial return.

What Light in Action is not

  • We are not a commercial production company available for projects in general.
  • We don't produce institutional or organizational promotional videos
  • We don't produce films for the Christian entertainment industry

Our Partners

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