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Bible Study for All Ages (Video Series)Tetelestai - Estudo da Bíblia

Tetelestai is being produced by Light in Action as a multi-lingual tool to teach people the essentials of the biblical story of redemption. Use Tetelestai to reach friends or family and culture groups with the Gospel, and deepen their understanding of the Bible.

Languages: English, Portuguese, +20 more subtitled
Media Format : Bible Study Video Series
Communication Method: Chronological Bible Teaching

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Além Do Veu
Bible Study for Adults (Portuguese Video Series)Além do Veu - Curso Biblico Online

Além do Veu, Deus Revelado is a Portuguese Bible course on video, designed to give viewers a firm grasp on the framework of scripture. The 24 lesson series progressively builds upon each lesson, giving a solid panoramic understanding of the chronological Bible, message beginning in Genesis and culminating at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Languages: Portuguese
Media Formats : DVD Video Series, Online Videos
Communication Method: Chronological Bible Teaching

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The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
Bible Study for Adults (Book)O Estranho no Caminho de Emmaus

This book was written to give the reader a solid understanding of the entire Bible and it’s main theme. Beginning in Genesis readers will study in chronological order the history of God and man and why the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was necessary. A tool for evangelism, discipleship, and bible studies.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Romanian
Media Formats : Book, Workbook, DVD/Online Video Book
Communication Method: Chronological Bible Teaching
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The Lamb
Bible Story Book For KidsO Cordeiro

186 page full color book for children that explains the main message of the Bible. Also available as in audio format or as a video presentation.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Louxembourgish
Media Formats : Color Illustrated Book, Audio CD, Video Presentation, MP3 Download
Communication Method: Chronological Bible Storying

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God’s Story
The Story of the Bible from Genesis to Jesus (Video/Audio Production)
The God Story

God’s story is a audio/visual resource that brings together all the stories of the Bible into one great narrative. Beginning in Genesis, the narrator takes a journey through the Bible explaining the main themes and events in a simple but very interesting way. Available in over 170 languages, God’s Story is a phenominal resource for use in world missions to explain the truths of scripture to oral and story based cultures.

Languages: Over 170 Languages
Media Format : DVD Video Series, Online Audio/Video, Online Text
Communication Method: Chronological Bible Storying

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Firm Foundations – Creation to Christ
Bible Study for Adults (Book)Um Curso Bíblico

This study was written to give readers a better understanding of the framework of the Bible and the eternal plan of salvation. Beginning in Genesis, the student will study in depth, chronologically, the history of God and man and God’s redemptive plan of reconciliation. Also available is a childrens edition.

Languages: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Kyrgyz, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Vietnamese
Media Format : Book/Workbook Course, DVD Teacher Helps, Map/Illustration Kit available
Communication Method: Chronological Bible Teaching

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The Bible Framework
Bible Study for Adults (Audio)

Bible FrameworkA six part study course with 224 audio lessons and notes, designed to root your thinking in the framework of truth found throughout the Bible. The course sequence covers each major component of God’s historic “show-and-tell” program recorded in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Students will study scripture in-depth in historical, literary, scientific, political, and grammatical contexts.

Languages: English
Media Format : Free Audio CD Set, MP3 Download
Teaching Philosophy: Biblical Theology (Teaching theology as it is chronologically revealed in the biblical narrative)

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