Our team is made up of missionaries and volunteers.

Working together to see the Bible understood and Jesus known.

We are over 1000 volunteers

We come from different local churches united to see the Gospel of Jesus clearly explained through film. Most of us live and work in the greater Natal metropolitan area, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, where we have a post-production studio near downtown Parnamirim, and an art-production studio and workshop in rural Macaíba. Our International office is located in Sierra Vista, AZ, USA.

Full Time Missionaries & Volunteers

Arlen & Cynthia Isaak

Arlen was born in Canada and I (Cynthia) was born in Brazil. Arlen’s childhood memories include things like hockey, snow, and skiing. My childhood memories include things like pet monkeys, camping by waterfalls and playing barefoot in the rain. Even through we grew up thousands of miles apart, we grew up in families who taught us the Word of God and we both accepted Jesus as our Savior at a young age. Arlen and I met each other and fell in love while studying at NTBI and got married in 2005. We have four precious little treasures: Nina (6) Dorian (5) Karis (2) and Joshua (born January 21st 2013)


Because we’re two young adults with four small kids, our interests range from legos, teddy bears and coloring books to intelectual conversations about effective cross cultrual world evangelism!


Loooove to travel, wrestle with the kids, play guitar and sing with friends, walks on the beach, body boarding, reading old missionary biographies together,hiking, riding the motorcycle together, camping, Turbo Cranium!, hide and go seek during thunderstorms

Nothing in the universe can compare with the intense fulfillment of knowing God and His deep love. All of our interests, hobbies, or pastimes would be empty without His presence. We consider it our greatest privilege and honor to live our lives to share the Redemption Story with the nations

Joel & Stefanie Craig

Joel was born in the USA but grew up in West Africa (Liberia and Ivory Coast). Stef (Cynthia Isaak’s twin sister!) was born and raised in Brazil. Some of Joel’s childhood memories include fishing with village friends, bike riding, camping on top of a high mountain, and playing soccer on red dirt and gravel. Stef’s favorite memories include playing
soccer in the rain, going exploring in a valley, riding bikes through giant mud puddles, wrestling with her younger brother, climbing mango trees and eating them till she was sick. Exposed early on to the great needs in our world, both saw first-hand the great changes God’s Word brought to the people of those countries. Both Joel and Stef had the privilege of growing up in homes where their parents loved and served God and both accepted Christ as their personal Savior as children. They met while studying at New Tribes Bible Institute, fell in love, and got married in 2005. Both came to Brazil in 2006 and helped form Light in Action, with the goal of explaining Jesus to the nations through video productions. Joel and Stef have two beautiful kids: Sarina (5) and Caleb (3).

What Joel Does at Light in Action

Joel’s main responsibility is as Art Director. He coordinates all aspects of creating a physical world to go along with the script, from prop design & production, to costumes, and set design. On-set he is our main camera operator and steadicam operator. In post-production Joel is responsible for digital effects and composition (tying together real footage and computer-generated elements).

What Stef Does at Light in Action

Stef’s primary role is as Costume Designer. She is responsible for researching, designing, and producing all costumes. She is also our Makeup Artist, specializing in special effects makeup (burns, wounds, etc…)


Christian apologetics, film-making (cinematography, prop-making, special effects makeup, costuming, etc), building, cooking, soccer, and coffee.


Stargazing and watching the sunset on the roof of our first century Jewish-style rock house (it’s a modern home inside!), playing with our kids, preferably on the beach (it’s only half an hour from where we live!), recycling trash into treasures, building our home together, reading books out loud to our kids and each other.


Knowing Jesus, and making Him known.

Jonathan Enns

I was born in Brazil to Canadian parents working as missionaries in Goias. In 2001 my family moved to Nova Scotia, Canada where I finished high school. After high school I made the decision to go to Bible school. I attended Word of Life Bible Institute in Ontario, Canada, and during my time spent there immersed in the Word, God changed my life. It was there I humbled in obedience to His call, and I made the decision to follow Him and do all I could to get the message of His Son, Jesus Christ, known and understood by the world. After attending school there, I served on staff for two years, then spent a year in Alberta working in web and photography as I prepared for going to Brazil. Now I have the privilege to work with the team here at Light in Action to help produce relevant, accurate bible teaching materials! My heart is to see every tribe & tongue have access to the Truth of Gods Word! I am married to my beautiful best friend Aryanne Barros!

What I do at Light in Action

I work in the photography departnent, designing how the shot will look visually, and figuring out the technical details of lighting and composition to attempt to make it look good! In post-production I work in editing. I also do graphic design, web development, and IT


Arryane, Photography, Guitar, Geography, Linguistics, Theology, The Bible, coffee, Music (acoustic, jazz, folk, rock)


Doing Anything with Ary, Futsal, playing guitar, urban/rural exploring/hiking/camping, drinking coffee


Seeing lives changed by Christ, studying/teaching the Bible (with coffee), worshiping God through music.

Ana Cassia Fornari

I was born in the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, where it has very cold winters. There were benefits to living there, like eating bergamots in the sun after lunch, or swimming at the club pool to cool off during the hot summers. When I was 20 years old I started to study the Bible with a group of missionaries, and during the first class I was shocked that I was able to study and understand a book that had seemed so complex and intimidating. I came to Natal in 2009 to join Light in Action, and I love being part of this project, which I believe will transform many people’s lives, in the same way the Bible has changed mine!

What I do at Light in Action

I work in the direction department and am responsible for finding actors to fulfill casting requirements, and contacting them. I also work in the art department as a seamstress and on-set I work doing makeup!


Bible studies, crafts, sewing, languages, cooking, pharmaceutics, gardening, books, chocolate, coffee, ice cream, cupuaçu, açai, tapioca, movies, brazilian barbecue.


Studying the Bible, crafts, recycling trash in crafts


Teaching people in churches how to reach others with Tetelestai.